32 UNIMOG's drive along the Rhine - Year-end 2019

UNIMOG'ers - Tradition

A long-standing tradition in UNIMOG circles is the end-of-year drive. Every year on 27 December, UNIMOG'ers and interested parties meet and organise a guided end-of-year drive, followed by a stop at an inn.

Driving tour

This year, the "inventor" of the 2019 trip, Herbert Weh, actually took the Ortenau-Elsass regional group to Alsace: the trip started with 18 UNIMOGs in Sasbach at the LIPCO company. Two guests from Speyer could also be welcomed:
Petra and Thomas came with their "UNIMOPS" - motorhome and spent the night at the meeting point so that they would not miss the departure. After the start, we drove on small side roads via Gambshurst, Rheinbischoffsheim, Diersheim to Freistett at the border crossing.

Entry into Alsace

There they crossed the Rhine and drove towards Offendorf, Roeschwoog, Beinheim back to the Rhine to the border crossing at the lock. There, in the car park, they met the comrades from the Mittelbaden regional group and also some friends from the Karlsruhe area, who also arrived there with 14 UNIMOGs and finished the first part of their own round trip.

The 32 UNIMOGs then drove together along the Rhine to the Baden-Airpark. Via Halberstung, Oberweier and Ottersweier they went to the "Traube" inn in Haft at 13:30. This was also the final stop.


Hans-Peter Hegmann for the Central Baden Regional Group and Gerhard Große for the Ortenau-Elsaß Regional Group welcomed all members and guests and passed on some information about the dates. The thanks of those present also went to Herbert Weh who meticulously planned the route and also drove it
so that there were no traffic obstructions and as much driving pleasure as possible was had. With great applause, the team of the "Traube" inn was thanked for the excellent food and the really speedy running of the lunch. To serve 55 guests
á la carte and to do it in top quality in a short time and without hectic - that's quite something.

Around 3:30 p.m., all guests set off again for the return journey home. Everyone enjoyed it very much.


Gasthaus "Traube" in custody

Report in the Stadtanzeiger
Regional page Regional Group Mittelbaden

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