Type U402

Drones are also becoming an increasingly popular means for Unimog enthusiasts to take pictures and videos of their own hobby and present them to other people. But the use of a drone with a camera is subject to legal regulations, the contents of which are often not clear to the operators. And in recent years, the legislator has rolled out new laws and regulations as well as classifications at the European level.

In fact, a drone with a camera may no longer be operated without a certificate of knowledge A1/A3 or a remote pilot's licence ("driving licence") A2. These documents and appropriate liability insurance must be carried when operating the drone.

Gerhard Große, Regional Manager Ortenau-Elsass of the UCG Unimog-Club-Gaggenau, had therefore pushed hard to set up an offer for UCG members to obtain the A2 remote pilot's licence. The provider, the company BORMATEC in Ravensburg, was very pleased when 8 people then registered. The training and exam were then held at the end of October from Friday afternoon to Sunday noon.

Some of the participants travelled with Unimogs or caravans and could spend the night on the company premises. Up to 8 vehicles can take advantage of this offer.

At the beginning, Franz Bormann gave 2 hours of flight exercises and explanations which served the participants well on the training and examination day. On Saturday morning, after a theoretical introduction, the practical examinations were held. The afternoon was dominated by theoretical lessons, which were mainly held by Sonja Bormann. At around 5 pm, the theoretical examination began.

The evening was spent in the BORMATEC training rooms with good food and drink. Sunday morning was again used for practical training flights and to test and discuss the different flight modes.

All participants passed the exams and are now allowed to call themselves "remote pilots" and to operate the corresponding drones. BORMATEC had prepared everything excellently in terms of organisation and now the participants are only waiting for the official confirmation (= the licence) from the Federal Aviation Authority.

There will also be an identical course in spring 2022 - from 01 - 03 April 2022. Anyone interested can request a personal offer directly from BORMATEC. Specify the keyword "Unimog".