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59955 Siedlingshausen (Hochsauerlandkreis)

I am Patrick Theune, 42 years old, born, raised and living in Siedlinghausen in the Hochsauerland district.

Professionally, I travel the world as a service technician for high-bay storage systems.
Since 2004, I have been working with historic commercial vehicles in my spare time, starting with my Unimog 411.110 and then moving on to various U421s, which have now become trucks from the 1980s.
For a while I was active in the UCG as regional group leader for the Westphalia region and also attended many annual meetings and UVC meetings with my U411 at that time.

In recent years, however, I have been increasingly active in the vintage truck community.

Briefly about the property:

In 2015, I was able to purchase the land around our local railway station.
In 2020, after a long planning phase, I was able to build my garage there. It is located about 600m from the centre of the village in a dead-end street. The village centre has a good infrastructure with bakers, butchers, innkeepers and doctors.

There is only public traffic to the Bestwig-Winterberg railway station, which is still in operation.
Unfortunately, my property does not have a sewer connection, so I cannot offer a shower and WC.

Why am I taking part in the Unimog Fun campaign?

During the Corona pandemic in the autumn of 2020, a friend asked me if he could take his motorhome, (an articulated lorry), for a week's holiday on my property, I liked the idea and agreed.

Afterwards, I wanted to register with the existing platforms for private pitch rental, but I hadn't yet got as far as preparing my plot appropriately.

This autumn I am now ready to provide a pitch for guests. A separate electricity box with circuit breaker and an "outhouse" are in the planning stage. I know from my own experience of touring with my vintage articulated lorry how difficult it is to find a suitable parking space away from busy roads.

I look forward to being able to offer self-sufficient travellers a legal parking space on my private property free of charge in the future.

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