1st General Assembly successfully mastered

On Saturday 23 March 2019, the first General Assembly of the "UNIMOG- und Schlepper-Freunde Biberach e.V." association, which was newly founded in November 2018, took place. The "Badischer Hof" in Prinzbach was chosen as the venue for the meeting. The meeting was opened at 19.00 by the chairman Gerhard Große. In addition to 13 members, he warmly welcomed two guests and the representative of the political municipality, Mr. Gerhard Matt. The agenda presented included only a few items, as there were no elections to be held, and was accepted unanimously by those present. The quorum was also given, as more than 50% of the members were present. Gerhard Große was then able to move directly to the words of the Chair:

Founding meeting with 16 members

Thus, 16 members were involved in the founding meeting. And since the founding of the association in November 2018, 6 more members have already joined. Of the 22 members, 9 are female. All in all, this is a very pleasing development and Große called on the members to continue to do such an excellent job of promoting the association so that they can count on 30 to 40 members in the future. Afterwards, the data collection sheets were handed out again for signature and data control in order to be able to continue to manage the membership in accordance with the DSGVO. In his speech, Große once again went into the reasons for founding the association, which took place in record time:

Founding of the association in record time

The traditional date on the first weekend in July was in danger, as another local association wanted to occupy this date for its village festival itself after the men's choir had given up the summer festival. Negotiations about a joint festival, which the UNIMOG and tractor friends would have preferred, failed. The UNIMOG and tractor friends were even prepared to move the day of the event from Sunday to Saturday afternoon. And when, during the annual meeting of the association to coordinate the dates, the chairman of the association told them that they had no claims because they were "not an association and did nothing for Biberach", it was clear where the journey had to go. True to the motto "there's no such thing as can't be done", the previous organisers of the UNIMOG and tractor meeting used their contacts and quickly found people from Friday to Monday who were prepared to support the founding of an association. So on the following Monday evening the founding meeting took place with a resolution on the statutes and the necessary signatures, on the following day the signatures of the board and the deputy were certified and then handed over to the register of associations in Freiburg. Thus, within almost 14 days, the association could be founded and registered and thus attained legal force. In another meeting of the association's board members, who were organising their festival in July, the reference to the non-association status was again used as an argument. However, this could finally be remedied by providing appropriate information about the founding of the association. In the further discussion, a compromise was found for 2019. For the future and beyond 2020, a general regulation is to be found, but this is reserved for another meeting.

Homepage www.usfb.club online

Following these remarks, Große again drew the members' attention to the homepage www.usfb.club where all dates and information about the association could be found.

Youth work

Große again suggested to think about and implement an offer for this year's children's holiday programme, which the members also agreed to. In general, all members were willing to support the activities of the association personally.

The cash register is right !

The cash report by treasurer Michaela Große was short and to the point: the main income was membership fees and donations, and the only expenses were account management fees. All other expenses since the founding of the association, for example for advertising, website hosting and printed matter, were donated by sponsors. Thus, almost all previous membership fees would be available to the association.

Words of the Deputy Mayor Gerhard Matt

In the transition to the discharge of the board of directors, Große again emphasised how important it was to hold the festival. Above all, the new town centre really gets the charm through this event that was to be achieved with the design at the time. Easter market, Unimog and tractor meetings, tavern evenings, Christmas market - this is simply an unbelievable advertisement for the municipality of Biberach and ensures supra-regional awareness... Gerhard Große then handed over to the representative of the municipality, Gerhard Matt. He praised the cash management of the treasurer Michaela Große and discharged the board, which was unanimous. He then discharged the Board of Directors, which was also unanimous.

In his speech, Matt brought greetings from Mayor Paletta and the local council. He emphasised that the UNIMOG and tractor friends have made a good name for themselves over the past 15 years. Thus, the vehicles and the festival would not only delight the "little ones", but also the "grown-ups" would be fascinated by the vehicles. The calendar of the new association is already well filled with 26 events in 2019. He also positively highlighted the planned participation in the children's holiday programme. He thanked the board and the members for their achievements so far, also on behalf of the municipality and the local council. Matt wished the UNIMOG and tractor friends much success and all the best for the future.

Requests to speak dealt with

There were various requests to speak under "Wishes/Motions and Miscellaneous". A guest asked to what extent the UCG Unimog-Club-Gaggenau had something to do with the foundation of the association, as this was an issue in the village. Große explained that the UCG had nothing to do with the Biberach club. Except that Große is also the regional manager "Ortenau-Elsaß" in the UCG. This is a new region, which was also only launched by the UCG in November 2018. It was helpful at this point that some approaches could be taken over from the UCG statutes for the creation of the statutes of the Biberach association, which reduced the time required for the board.

A member raised the question of the catering for the UNIMOG and tractor meeting in Biberach. Große stated that the management of the association was still striving to pass the catering on to other hands and to limit itself to the organisation of the meeting as before. For example, other interested clubs from Biberach/Prinzbach or an external catering company could be considered. At the moment, we are still completely open to this and would also be pleased if an association were to offer its services.

Regarding the participation in the children's holiday programme, the question was asked to what extent the organiser "Municipality of Biberach" has insurance and in which age group the programme should be offered. The meeting discussed this and gave the chairperson the task to enquire with the municipality and to inform the members further.

New member gained during the meeting

Incidentally, one of the guests was so enthusiastic about the presentations and the prospects of the association that, after careful consideration, he signed the membership application and could now be won as a new member with his tractor. The members welcomed him with applause. Große again pointed out that anyone interested in the aims of the association could become a member, regardless of whether they owned a vehicle or not. There is also deliberately no division into active and passive members - there are only active members. But each member can decide for himself how intensively he wants to participate in the life of the association. There are no rules and everyone can participate as they see fit. Anything from one to one hundred and ten percent is accepted.

At 8.12 p.m., the meeting was closed and the evening moved on to the social part of the evening. A special atmosphere arose when Gerhard Große congratulated the founding member Wilhelm Eble on his birthday and the assembly serenaded him with three songs. Thus the first ordinary general assembly of the "UNIMOG- und Schlepper-Freunde Biberach" ended successfully and entertainingly.

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