"Unimog pleasure" - pitches for Unimog friends

Dear Unimog'ers,
We all find ourselves in the situation where we are travelling and would like to take our Unimog vehicle or motorhome or caravan camping for a day or two at short notice. But where?

Under the motto "The Unimog community helps each other!" we have voluntarily set up a parking space database, which can be accessed via a special map on Google Maps. An overview on the map quickly makes it clear: at which Unimog friend's house could we park today or tomorrow free of charge and privately?

This way you can quickly find a place to park your vehicle for one or more days. For example, to take a break on a longer journey. Or to make new friends with like-minded people. This non-commercial database also has a social aspect.

We currently address the countries Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, France. Please read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy!

Instructions by clicking on image
Instructions by clicking on image
Instructions by clicking on image


The conditions for users are as follows:

  1. The parking space offer is a private offer for the use of a parking space without economic background exclusively with reference to Unimog. However, the type of vehicle does NOT play a role in the actual use. I.e. the Unimog friend can also arrive with a VW bus ....
  2. Please note that you must call in advance to make an appointment. Simply driving there and then asking is out of the question.
  3. There is no guarantee of a reservation. But as a rule, one relies on the promise of the Unimog friend.
  4. All information in the database is non-binding and without any guarantee. The situation on site may be different. Therefore, please clarify any special questions in advance by telephone with the provider of the pitch.
  5. the pitch providers are not professional landlords with a calendar database or similar equipment - so please call at short notice and do not try to "reserve" weeks in advance - there are no reservations! It is and remains a non-commercial, private offer - for Unimog friends.
  6. note the information provided by the campsite friends (click on the map symbol to see the data). This will save you a lot of questions
  7. the pitch provider is the "boss" - if there are any "atmospheric disturbances", please just vacate the pitch. You are guests and the pitch provider has the last word. It is rare in Unimog circles that people "don't get along", but it could be that...
  8. if the pitch provider offers local products (e.g. farm shop or similar) a small purchase would of course be nice, but of course not obligatory.
  9. Individual agreements on the length of stay or reimbursement of costs for water and sanitary facilities etc. are to be made individually. In principle, we assume that these things are free of charge if they are offered via the database.
    This means that if shower and toilet are mentioned, they are free of charge. If shower + WC are not mentioned, but can be used on site, then this must be negotiated with the pitch provider.
  10. Please try to clarify negative feedback with the pitch provider first. Or just contact the person in charge of the "Unimog-Vergnügen" platform
    - Gerhard Große, +49 171 7587088, gerhard.grosse@usfb.club

He will try to clarify things or provide clarity for the future. In case of doubt, by deleting the database entry. By the way: talking to each otherhas always helped more than talking about each other...

The offer of the parking spaces is a friendly, private and non-commercial offer from Unimog friends to Unimog friends. Websites and organisations that provide or share the link do not act as organisers or as organiser or host of the event. They only provide the link to the database of the association "Unimog- und Schlepper-Freunde Biberach e.V.". This association also does not act as an organiser but only provides its technical website and ensures compliance with data protection.

And from the experience of previous pilot projects in a private setting, one can report: closer contacts and friendships are made later than can ever develop at many a large meeting.

Sharing experiences, images and joie de vivre with the Unimog creates mutual closeness, understanding and expands personal horizons immensely.

I would like someone else Someone else to do the entry for me!

if you are not so internet-savvy - we will do the entry for you!

Example of how a pitch can present itself:

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